Jaded Life's forte is in fashion event management, producing biannual British Fashion Council London Fashion Week Jaded Life Collective showcases and staging corporate branded events such as the Converse Optimistic Rebels campaign (showreels in NEWS): sibu.london/news/article/jlcs-membership-partners-sponsors.The Collective's membership of c.50 designers also participate in trade shows such as Scoop x Pure, the JLC and associated pop-up shop nights having been inaugurated at the Sanderson Hotel in 2017 as Fashion-Bound events. JL will further develop as a social enterprise benefitting recent fashion design graduate alumni and aspiring start-up labels while opening a flagship concept shop and extending studio-showroom space from our Isle of Dogs, E14 base. The British Fashion Council sponsored JLC's sixth LFW Time Traveller showcase: NEWS: 16/9/23.

Jaded Life's fashions comprise both bespoke and pret-a-porter luxury ranges, a highlight being the signature brocade dinner jackets accented with bold batik-style linings. JL's Sofiatown Collection (pictured) was manufactured in Cape Town using fine grade fabrics and finishes of silk and nappa, yet since 2012 JL has manufactured in London exhibiting at fashion shows such as BFC London Collections Men. The Translucent Futures and Anime Noir collections featured in Vogue morphed into the repurposed Eclecticism Collection exhibited at Pure while Sibu unveiled a couture capsule collection under the signature Sibu Dladla label. Sibu's recent anime-Afrofuturist Mukokuseki Collection is featured in British Vogue Oct 22 print edition. Currently: Zulu Rust Collection!

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