Who We Are

What we do

Fashion Management

  • Fashion design and fashion garment construction.
  • Clothing range management.
  • Fashion styling for magazine shoots, personal styling and buying.
  • Catalogues and stills photography.
  • Fashion buying and lifestyle consulting.

Experience and Skills

  • Corporate and private branded event management; emcee presenting.
  • Events coordination expertise, including catering.
  • Events budget, logistical, team and guest management.
  • Art direction.
  • Media communications and PR liaison, social media marketing.

How it all started...

Head Designer Sibu Dladla received his certification from the Cape Town Haute Couture School of Fashion Design in garment construction, design and fashion business prior to founding the Jaded Life (JL) brand and label in 2006, having been inspired by Nelson Mandela's encouragement for South Africans to set up companies (see Inspiration in NEWS). The naming of the company was an ironic response to an affected world-weariness by supposed fashionistas looking for elusive inspiration. JL began as a fashion design company with the well-received first range as showcased at the Winter Audi South Africa Fashion Week resulting in JL supplying a selection of garments to high-end boutiques whilst also working on a bespoke level with private clients as the fashion label Jaded Life was officially launched. The strong media response lent the company a more robust brand presence attracting the venue management company Opium Group, an international lifestyle restuarants-to-clubs company, with which JL promoted events jointly at their Cape Quarter Opium club, hosting weekly fashion shows, concerts and various lifestyle events. The signature customised fitted menswear brocade jacket range was particularly praised at this juncture of an increasing corporate profile necessitating an expanded production facility to satisfy demand, outsourcing some garment construction. In terms of securing expansion finance Jaded Life secured a substantial grant having won the government / S.A.B. Miller sponsored Kick Start Young Business awards programme in 2010; the capital injection securing JL's immediate goal of resourcing its own machinery and workshop. Having established a successful manufacturing base with premises in Cape Town, an ambitious overseas presence was decided upon with the relocation of Jaded Life design to London in 2011 from when the company has been based and hosted various Fashion-Bound events (see NEWS), being 'open for business' in terms of fashion since 2013 in-store and commencing online retail from 2014 via this website. In facilitating our transition to manufacturing and retail in London, we would want to acknowledge the start-up and consolidation funding support and mentorship afforded by the (East) London Small Business Centre since 2012 (now the Nwes Group) as managers of the European Regional Development Fund, especially the unfailingly positive Jim Price, now sadlly passed on. As of 2016, the UK Department for International Trade (formerly the UK Dept. of Trade & Investment) has provided an ad hoc business cluster initiative grant in support of exhibiting at export-led trade fairs in London and Paris.