JLC's Membership, Partners & Sponsors

Press Release

The Jaded Life Collective comprises an informal, rotating membership of up to 60 designers who take part in various fashion events from runway showcases to tradeshows, pooling experience and expertise to demonstrate the collective's mission of effecting mutual support to emerging talent. Fashion shows are curated to showcase complementary designers thematically for a given show. This is facilitated in part by partners and sponsors who support the Jaded Life Collective's social enterprise ethos and values. We acknowledge the ongoing support of many individual supporters and organisations, especially those listed below who have contributed to enable the next BFC London Fashion Week event to take place, featuring five JLC designers and Sibu. This tenth iteration of the JLC's participation since its establishment in 2017 (see NEWS: 27/11/17) is sponsored by the BFC. Since its inception, many alumni designers have used the platform as a springboard to launch successful careers from being stocked in prestigious department stores and exclusive boutiques (e.g.Vaseghia) to setting up atelier studios commissioned by Versace having worked with Dua Lipa and Shakira (Nicola Bacchilega) and collaborating with such celebrities as Michelle Obama (Bunmi Koko) and most recently Beyonce on tour (Melissa Simon-Hartman) while twice British Vogue-featured Sibu (see NEWS: 23/9/22) has dressed Grace Jones (see NEWS: 6/7/14) and last year's Grammy-winning opera star Anthony Roth Costanzo (see NEWS: 5/10/22). Moreover, the JLC has pushed the envelope in terms of creative high tech with Holition and the augmented reality specialists Deep Gears' animated 'avatar army' who otherwise has gone on to work with Hugo Boss while Alec Christie has shot fashion films for the Cannes Festival. Additionally, we also promote the artistic contributions of catwalk set designers such as award-winning florist Wagner Kreusch who recently worked for Rick Owens and international painters Daniela Raytchev and Bruce Chidovori, this year realising a botanical theme.

Partners & Sponsors

Nikki Kravshik, Stephanie Harrison & Emma Early @ The British Fshion Council (BFC)

organisers of London Fashion Week & founders of The Institute of Positive

& administrators of the London Fashion Showcasing Fund, awarding a grant for this event funded by the Greater London AuthorityJaded Life have been BFC members since 2020.

Ruby McMahon @ Base & booker, model agency

...with thanks to Stefan, Rob, Isaac, Raz, David (times 2!), Toby, Jonny, Alex, Sebastian, Alvaro, Andrew, Monica, Libra, Milda, Tia, Lyndsay, Imran, Claire, Hannah, Katy Ann, Chiara, Diana, Lela, Bell, Keihanna, Ryann, Victoria & Rania: freelance models

Jenny Paul @ Unite Hair UK:

Narad Kutowaroo: lead hair

Claire Perez @ New York Makeup Academy:

Tracey Halliday: lead make-up artist

Giulio Capodimonti @ Deep Gears: & customisable styling app & augmented reality

Derek Hyams @ Derek & audio-visuals (liaising with Deep Gears etc.) in consultation with Yechiel Weisfish &

Rabi Sultan Roaming Pixel: & house photographer: stills & & magazine editor

Jan Folga: backstage BTS etc. photographer @ Folga &, assisted by

Alec Christie @ Craft & film director, producer & videographer & 

Sonia Amini video editor & media producer

Peter videography showreel, video producer

Rolfe Klement: & freelance videographer

Aryan & lighting

Will Blake @ Sound & music soundtrack curator

Claudia Rice @ Ramsgate Media / The Mascot & jewellery designer

Amar Thapen @ Amar Thapen PR: backstage management & concierge

Karine Laudort @ Kay & PR consulting agency, guest relations & digital marketing

Monica Barrett @ SelfServe digital marketing: private-labelled cocktails promotion

Bruce Chidovori & & artist

Inigo emcee

Stuart Balmer @ NWES: enterprise agency business mentor

Wagner Kreusch @ & & florist, ikebana ma specialist

Mano Brazilian-Japanese fusion restaurant & nightclub, & afterparty venue

MagdaJason & GM Gerard @ Six Park Place / / September preferred LFW venue


Season's Designers

Yingqi & &

Jeweller and sculptor specialising in handcrafted goldsmithing, enamel and ceramics combining traditional culture with contemporary art forms; a robust narrative and rich visuals play expressively on an interpretation of the Chinese character eye as meaning both judgement and as an exploration of self-identity or I.

Zlata Khodosvskaya @ Patient &

Dissonance Collection: fierce post-Soviet 'sustainable punk' of 'conflicting yet complimentary themes, creating a sense of dissonance.'

Sarah Jemirifo @ Hydration &

Curated capsule Scotch Bonnet Collection, exemplified by the signature 'red hot chilli dress.'

Jessica Alviani @ &

Polluted Souls Collection: 'all gender inclusive' recycled stock brand; 'new anarchy' inspired by punk ethos.

LuLu Liu @ LuLu Liu &

Symphonic Wave Collection marries Chinese embroidery with Western silhouettes, creating a harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity; inspired by nature embodying a vibrant palette and intricate detailing. The botanical garden fantasy theme perfectly complements artist Bruce Chidovori's set design: 'the collection radiates with shades of soft pink, ethereal yellow and shimmering gold...invoking sunlight on petals.'

Sibu will introduce his Zulu Rust Collection featuring Afrosamurai accents against a South African Zulu Rock and Thandiswa Mazwai vibrant soundtrack while thanks are due to the LCF tailoring team led by Esther, JoUEL fashion dept. workshop, BiancaWalter & Janine @ Freeweaver & & Japanese handloom weaving textiles specialist