Philip Michael Wolfson: Inspired Design

The diverse designs of Philip Michael Wolfson are both inspired and inspiring in their post-modernist unconventionality. Having spent 10 years as head of design at Zaha Hadid's studio, Michael is based in London and has exhibited across the world, from the Victoria & Albert Museum to cutting-edge novelty of Design Miami. His celebrated free-flowing furniture designs caught the eye of whiskey label Glenmorangie for whom he took his inspiration from the audio wavelength produced from pouring the precious amber nectar (first photo with Michael, SoundForm Fluid Bar) while such creations as the curvaceous Sideline desk and Yiing Yang vases above are typically sensuous. Current projects include a room fragrance to complement an ongoing gallery furniture exhibition and the XY scent reflecting the metallic elements from which some of their most distinctive furniture is made. I love the Lollipop lounge tables, Twisted high-backed chairs, D-Line desk and Origami FloorDance table as pictured above...such eclectic design sensibilities and cross-generic approaches will inform innovative fashion projects with JL as we seek to develop a collaborative association.