Mukokuseki Collection: 24 Edit Lookbook; Tokyo & Shibuya Fashion Week

Craft Central {see NEWS: 1/4/22} hosted a campaign photo shoot with Rolfe Klement as DOP featuring a selection of predominantly menswear from Sibu's current Mukokuseki Collection as recently exhibited during September's London Fashion Week {see EVENT: 17/9/22 & PRESS articles:18/9/22}, inspired by the Japanese anime aesthetic of statelessness portraiture as a reinterpretation of Afrofuturism. Step forward all super kawaii Afro Samurai: banzai!

A lookbook is compiled from the hundreds of photos taken to complement the standard back & front product shots: see NEWS:18/10/22 with thanks due to models Indre, Tricey, Tayo, Giulio, David & Oli, Saphia for styling & Shequel for hair and make-up. see ​Afrofuturism Noir photo shoot: NEWS: 4/10/19 Afrofuturism CollectionPRESS: 17/2/20. photo shoot image retouching & lookbook product shots courtesy of Craft Central's Ben Veasey.

Sibu received a distinction for an extended essay on cyber/steampunk anime characterisation with reference to Ghost in the Shell manga to film and Blade Runner for his Fashion Design degree.

Tokyo Fashion Week FW22's futuristic dystopia theme (images: 26-28; Jaded Life are planning to exhibit in Tokyo in March 2023 {FW23} while trading on Japanese e-commerce platforms):-