JLC Designers @ LFW Six Park Place Showcase

Season's Designers

Yingqi & & (Images 1-4)

Jeweller and sculptor specialising in handcrafted goldsmithing, enamel and ceramics combining traditional culture with contemporary art forms; a robust narrative and rich visuals play expressively on an interpretation of the Chinese character eye as meaning both judgement and as an exploration of self-identity or I.

Zlata Khodosvskaya @ Patient & (Images 5-8)

Dissonance Collection: fierce post-Soviet 'sustainable punk' of 'conflicting yet complimentary themes, creating a sense of dissonance.'

Sarah Jemirifo @ Hydration & (images 9-12)

Curated capsule Scotch Bonnet Collection, exemplified by the signature 'red hot chilli dress.'

Jessica Alviani @ & (Images 13-16)

Polluted Souls Collection: 'all gender inclusive' recycled stock brand; 'new anarchy' inspired by punk ethos.

LuLu Liu @ LuLu Liu & (Images 17-20)

Symphonic Wave Collection marries Chinese embroidery with Western silhouettes, creating a harmonious fusion of heritage and modernity; inspired by nature embodying a vibrant palette and intricate detailing. The botanical garden fantasy theme perfectly complements artist Bruce Chidovori's set design: 'the collection radiates with shades of soft pink, ethereal yellow and shimmering gold...invoking sunlight on petals.'

BTS GIF film: Image 21 (last) See adjacent article for Fashion Film Designers' Interviews (17 Sept 23)

Four indicative images from each of the six designers in showcasing sequence (Sibu closed the show, see adjacent article); images courtesy of in-house stills photographer Rabi Sultan:- 

Rabi Sultan Roaming Pixel: & & & magazine editor

BTS Images: